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I finally just sat down and put together a business card and ordered them from Vista Prints. They have good prices and are always running promotions. 500 cards for $8 isn't bad at all! I then added a glossy finish and adjusted some of the template photos so my total came out to $38.

My goal with these business cards was to hand them out to other investors, mortgage brokers, Realtors and other people in the industry. They have all my contact information and my business name(i settled on Costello Home Buyers for now). I am going to make up different cards for handing out to motivated sellers.

Here are the mock-ups of my cards. They are simple and I just wanted to get something out there, I can always go back and redesign them later. Let me know what you think. I made a little mistake on the back, I should have put "up to 1000 for Referral." Oh well I'll work with it.



Here is a link to an article about creating Business Cards...

Effective Business Card Design Secrets To Win more Prospects!
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