Are you like me?

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One of the hardest parts about learning and continuing to move forward into Real Estate Investing is staying motivated. I've posted about this before but it continues to rear it's ugly head. One way I'm finding that helps is surrounding yourself with like minded people. This is tough when you are first starting out because most people you know will have your typical 9-5 JOB and don't know how to invest in Real Estate. If you are reading this you are probably like me. It's a giant roller coaster ride...

Roller Coaster of Life

...One day I'm as motivated as you can get, the next day I'm over whelmed. But what is important to me is going to the REIA Groups and reading the message boards. I keep reading them no matter what. Every day it pushes me one step closer to taking action.

On to my progress...

Last Sunday I upped my Open House Count to 15. I saw a couple of new construction homes going for 750k each and another older, starter home (the kind I'd be looking for) that is going for 475k. It was completely remodeled, the REA said the owner lived a few houses down and had bought it for their son who got married. Only problem was the Son got divorced and didn't want the house anymore, so they are now selling it. Great home, in a decent part of Morristown. I had never been to that part before so I learned something about the area.

My Website is on hold because I think my main motivation should be to come up with some Marketing Copy to send out to my leads. The Copy should also help give me direction on the website. I may put up a Buyer Signup page though so I can direct my potential buyers to when I advertise on craigslist.
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2 Response to 'Are you like me?'
  1. Boyd'> September 8, 2008 at 2:24 PM


    Boy do I know what you're talking about. Motivation is a huge issue with me. I'm good at getting myself all psyched up every once in a while, but then procrastination always gets the better of me.

    I agree with you about visiting forums and trying to converse with like minded people: it definitely helps. If you find a permanent way of overcoming this issue, be sure to let me know. :)



  2. Scott Costello'> September 9, 2008 at 9:28 AM

    The best way I have of overcoming the issue is just ignore it, which I'm pretty good at. When I feel overwhelmed I just take a deep breath and keep moving forward. I try to do something little, like go look at an open house to get me on track. When you make progress (even small progress) it helps your mindset out greatly!