Goals for week 6/1 to 6/7

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As the weather gets warmer so does my will to get this real estate investing career humming. This past week was a short week for me because of Memorial day last weekend so I only set myself 3 goals. While I only officially finished one of them, the other two kinda worked themselves out. Lets take a look...

  1. Create a Buyers Squeeze Page - DONE

    My biggest problem here was finding out what to put on it exactly. I posted a few question in the forums I go to and they helped out. Let me quote a response (by Fadi Zeidan) that I thought was most helpful..
    Who are your buyers? bad credit looking for owner financing, investors, or good credit average people?

    bad credit:
    give them this great talk about how your company specializes in finding affordable owner financed homes regardless of credit, the benefits, and how it works (very simple), and with time add testimonials.

    this is for wholesaling, a simple sign up can do with some sample deals they can find. They would get an email of all available deals as they come in and they can contact you for the one they like.

    Good credit:
    tough one, what is their inventive to buy from you vs buying from a realtor... Finding greatly discounted properties that need little to no work?

    information I would look for:
    1. area of town
    2. age of home
    3. size of home
    4. bedrooms/bath/garage
    5. condition
    6. price range
    7. how much down payment they have
    8. Employment
    9. current income (PITI shouldn't be more than 50% of their monthly income, ideally within 36%. this would prescreen some of them)
    10. Contact information
    11. How soon do they want to move

    For wholesalers of course it is a different story.

    Just some ideas

    Here is my Buyers Page. I think it stinks but I'm always my worst critic.

    Buyers Squeeze Page

  2. Ask my Realtor if my Coastal Funding PreQual is acceptable.

    I never did this, but I am going to take Steph and Shae's advice and just use it. Why raise any red flags. I've heard in the business that it's better to ask for forgiveness then for Permission. I don't agree with that completely, but in this instance it is the best tactic for sure.

  3. Figure out how to use the online information I found on Probates at my surrogates website.

    Well I don't think I'll be able to find the executors address to mail anything to unless I go to the courthouse. The list gives me up until the prior months probated cases (so aprils) and gives the docket number and the name of the executor, but not much else. So i'll go armed with that info to the courthouse this friday and see what I can dig up.

    I hate taking time away from my wife but Friday after I get out of work at noon is the absolute only time I can go. Anyone know if the Morris County courthouse has weekend hours?

This weeks goals

If I get all these done I'll make some great strides! It's a lot to take on but I want to push myself. It does suck that some of it is repeat work

  • Go to the court house on friday and find the probate files (3 week in a row for this one, COME ONE ALREADY!)
  • Find a home to make an offer on, then make the offer!
  • Redo my JerseyRei.com and Rei-Links.com websites because they were HACKED and deleted (If I get a hold of the person who did that I'm gonna most likely go to jail)
  • Post ads on Craigslist looking for houses
  • Create a Face Book page (my wife is making fun of me cause I told her I'd NEVER create one of these. Seems so High School!)
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What I Learned #1

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From reading other people's blogs, I've found that I get a lot out of reading about what others have learned from past deals. The lead that I talked about in the last few posts fell to the grave. The investor I gave the lead to gave the owners a "fair Cash Offer" that I later found out insulted them. When we tried to call them back they wanted nothing to do with us and thought we were all in cahoots. Any way I did learn some things that I would like to share..

  1. As a newbie investor, just setup an appointment to go see the house whether it's a deal or not.

    I say this because it's great practice dealing with people. You can see how their situation affects them personally which is a great learning opportunity. You learn how to deal with them, what you can say to put them at ease and what not to say. I think I did pretty well when I went out to their house. I had them walk me through the place and let them talk. My one problem was that you could tell they were attached to the house, the home they grew up in. They shared a lot of memories with me.
    They wanted to sell the place, but you could tell it wasn't going to be easy for them...which probably means they weren't going to "let it go" for cheap. At least not yet.

  2. When Bird Dogging, only deal with 1 or 2 investors.

    You don't want to be passing your leads off to different people. Work with one or two people only. This gives you the opportunity to really learn what they are looking for and how they operate. You build trust! When I passed the lead to someone I've never met I had no idea what this guy payed, what he was looking for or how he'd handle the owners. I'll never know what would have happened if I passed the lead to 1 of my 2 trusted partners, but I do know that it is not a deal now!

  3. Be more patient

    I was so worried about getting the owners their offer quickly, that I didn't wait long enough for my trusted investors to get back to me. I waited less then 24 hours before I was sending out emails looking for someone else to take the lead. This hurt me I believe.

  4. I can do this!

    Even though the deal didn't happen, I've gotten a lot more confidence in myself and my ability to handle new leads that come in. This lead forced me to talk to other investors and learn how some of them take action. All in all I'm taking away very many positives from this "failed" lead.

I hope this post helps out someone who is just starting out!

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Goals for week 5/25 to 6/1

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Last week I did ok on my goals. I set some lofty ones and got a good start on them all but with the holiday weekend I got side track towards the end of the week. So lets do a reviewsky...

  • Advertise JerseyRei.com on Craigslist 3 times - DONE

    This was easy and I finish this up last monday. I didn't get many responses at all, I got one person to sign up for the site, but that was about it. It's going to take some time to get this site going. I've added My Lis Pendens list to the site so people can save some time and pull the list right from my site. I also added a section to list properties.

    I tell you...Joomla is a wonderful tool with so many extensions/plugins that you can create any kind of site quickly and easily!


  • See if my realtor would accept Coastal Funding prequal - FAILED

    This was stupid of me not to get done. I kept putting if off for some reason and then the week was over and I failed to get it done. This will go on this weeks goals for sure.

  • Create Squeeze Page for Sellers - DONE

    I bought a template for a squeeze page and then used Wordpress to create the page. It was very easy and took me about 2 hours.


  • Create Squeeze Page for Buyers - FAILED

    I know how to set the page up now, but I have no idea what to put on it. It's not like the sellers page, I've got to offer something to the buyers in order to get them to fill out the short form. Maybe a weekly Lis Pending List????

  • Go to Courthouse on friday to look for probate leads - NO NEED

    As I was preparing to go to the courthouse last friday, I was looking for directions on the surrogates webpage and what do you know!!! I found a link that listed all the Estated Properties in Morris County! Are you kidding me, has this been there the entire time? or was it just added???? Either way I was pumped.

This weeks Goals

  • Ask realtor if I can use Coastal Funding Prequal to make offers
  • Finish up Buyers Squeeze page
  • Create process to get Executors' mailing address for Probated Estates (I'll use this one for Steph's Accountability Monday)

Short week so I won't overload myself.
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Another Step Closer

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I had a good time spending my memorial weekend with family and friends. Had a bbq to go to each day and got a chance to spend extra time with my wife because she took off work on Sunday and Monday. For those who haven't followed from the beginning, my wife and I work opposite hours so weekends are the only time we really see each other.

On to Rei news....

Saturday I got to meet up with the lead that called my mailers. Went to the house and had them show me around and asked them all about the house and their situation. A nice brother and sister who were in town to clean out the house after their mother had passed away. Here is what I found out...

  • Estated Property
  • Was a complete mess, with stuff all over the house.
  • 3 bedrooms and 1 bath
  • Nothing was owed on the house
  • The siblings wanted to get rid of it to avoid having to clean it up and do repairs in order to sell it (Motivation baby!)

I told them I'd stick them on the "excelerated" plan to try and get them an offer as quick as possible because the family was in town from out of state to clean out the house and all.

I contacted the Guys at NJQuicksell first, but I didn't hear from them for about a day. They usually respond very quickly, but I later found out they were away for the holiday weekend. So I put the lead out there to my meetup group and passed the contact info along to the first person who responded.

This is risky because I don't really know any of them from adam, and I could be passing the lead to a scum bag who is going to take advantage of me. I needed to move quickly so I took my chances. I probably should have discussed my referral fee before passing the info though. That is up in the air and I don't know what he is going to give me.

Anyhow, the guy went out and looked at the house on Monday and made them a cash offer. We are waiting to hear back from them. The investor also told me that is the exact type of house he looks for.

This is the closest I've come to a pay day so far and it has increased my confidence 10 fold.

I realize I didn't post my goals for the week just yet, I'll do so shortly. The holiday weekend put me off schedule.
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House Research and Seller Questions

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I got a call back from the lady who responded to my mailer. I setup an appointment to go see the house on saturday morning. I couldn't get much out of her on the phone. I'm not sure HOW motivated they are as this seems to be the first attempt at selling the home. She said they were going to sign up with a realtor but saw my postcard and wanted to give me a call first. Not screeming motivation to me, but in order to get practice I'm going to meet her and see the house. Which reminds me I've got to do some research on the house before hand. This is what I plan on doing...

  1. Look on Realquest and Zillow to see if I can get a gadge on the house value and the area.
  2. Find the house location on MS Live to see what it looks like from a birdseye view
  3. Look the house up on the county tax records
  4. Locate the mortgage and see if I can figure out how much equity there is.
  5. not sure what else to do...

When I get to the house and talk to the owners I'm going to ask them the following to try and get some info out of them...

In no particular order

  • What has been updated
  • How much do they owe
  • What do they need to sell the house for
  • Any problems with the house
  • Is there an oil tank

If anyone has any other questions I should ask drop me a line.

Have a good holiday weekend everyone! happy BBQing
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You won't beleive this!

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Everyone better sit down, preferably in a chair that isn't to high off the ground...you ready? I just got a call from one of my mailers! Amazing I know...It's been about a month since my last call.

I didn't get much out of this lady, she is going to have her husband call back later (we'll see). She did say they are trying to sell her mother-in-laws house and that they are in florida and the house is in NJ. If they sound motivated after talking to the husband I'll setup an appointment to go see the house and meet them. If that is the case ANYONE want to come with me and take point so I can see how it's done?

I have been slowly coming around to the mind set of "who cares if I mess up, no skin off my back" I do learn quickly from my mistakes so every call is a learning experience.

Other Things

Over the past two weeks I've been sinking my teeth into online networking and learning how to promote my sites. My main goal is to attract people to my sites and by doing so I might earn a little money on the side with my adsense ads or affiliate links. I'm doing my best to offer good quality content and useful webpages as well. My plan is to have the earnings going to fund my marketing. All my sites are based off of what I've learned in REI so far (Rei-Links.com) and being able to network with others in my area (JerseyRei.com).

If anyone knows much about webpage optimization and SEO shoot me an email and we can discuss strategies.

Squeeze Pages

I've created a rough squeeze page and think its pretty good. I can't take credit for all the content as I have borrowed bits and pieces from other sites. I hope that's ok as I ain't no writer. Take a look at the page...


..the link is www.nnjhouses.com but I'm thinking of changing that to scottybuys.com soon. Which do you think is better? I think ScottyBuys.com is easier to remember.

That's it for today, I've got a lot more to do this week to get my goals accomplished.
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Art of Creative Deal Structuring

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Just a quick post. The other day I listened to a great phone call from Steve Cook that dealt with Creative Deal structuring. if you have a chance down load this and listen...

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Goals for 5/18 to 5/24

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This week was a little hectic as I lost a couple days to some family emergencies. So it was good that I only assigned myself 3 goals. I did ok with all things considered but I think I could have done a better job, lets review...

  • Get pre qualified for a loan. DONE

    This I sort of cheated on cause I had a Pre-Qual letter from Coastal Funding already. Like I mentioned in a previous post I had forgotten I had this but will attempt to use it. I still would like to get pre-approved by an actual bank although I have my doubts that I can at the moment, unless I include my wife. Now I've been doing a lot of thinking about Steve Cooks no debt investing and I'd love to try and figure out how best to do that.

  • Find 2 rehabbers in my area and contact them. DONE

    I found one looking through craigslist ads and sent the guy an email just asking if he'd be intrested in any deals I may come across. The other rehabber is the father of a friend of mine. Granted it's a friend who I don't talk to much at all these days because of life, but I emailed his father as well. Maybe I'll get something back maybe not.

  • Contact the probate at 20 Wilson St. - DONE

    Because I'm a little leary of calling up a family who is grieving from the lose of a loved one I decided to send them a letter. I got this letter from Preston Ely and I hand wrote out the envelope. I think this is the best way and is good practice for next week.

This Weeks Goals

  • Create a Squeeze page for Sellers
  • Create a Squeeze page for buyers
  • Go to the courthouse on Friday to look for Probate leads
  • See if my realtor would accept the Coastal funding PreQual with an offer
  • Go to the Gym twice this week (I needed a fifth goal)

I sometimes have trouble coming up with goals for myself and thought it might be a good idea to have you guys help me sometimes. Anyone care to suggest some goals for me? Maybe we could help each other out and keep each other motivated?

Have a good week! My summer hours start this week so I work 9 hour days M-Th and get a half day on fridays. Totally makes my weekends better!
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Total Money Makeover

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I just got my copy of Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover yesterday in the mail. I'm excited to get into the guts of the book and make some changes to my financial life. Granted my wife and I do a great job of limiting our debt with credit cards (we have none), but even with a decent savings out house mortgage and car payments really keep us having to work our JOBs and be fearful of loosing them. As I'm reading the book I'm sure I'll hit on some topics that I'll post about here so stay tuned!

Steve Cook

Last night Steve Cook had a call about deal structuring that was excellent! He went over different scenarios and explained how he would...

  • Structure the deal
  • What he'd sell the property for
  • What kind of lender he would try and use
  • How to handle the downpayment
  • etc...

Steve is also have what seems to be a wonderful bootcamp coming up in june. I'd love to be able to go, but my wife and I already have plans for that weekend. The price for the bootcamp is $1500, soudns like a lot but hey he gives you all his courses for free which you could easily sell for 1500 + the traveling expenses. That is assuming you already have his material because if you don't you should keep them.


Outside of the above, what ever momentum I had a few weeks ago has died out completely. I've got to hunt down another investor who is willing to let me try and sell some of his stuff so I can keep myself in the game.

Maybe a little help...here is the post card I've been sending out and getting no responses from. What could I change? let me have it!

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Networking Attempt

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I'm starting to get the hang of creating webpages pretty quickly using joomla and random templates. Those RocketTheme.com templates are amazing! Anyhow I've always been looking for a forum or group that is really local to the area I'm investing in. The REIA's in my area have investors that are more focused on urban areas such as Newark, Jersey City, Patterson and North Bergan. This doesn't do me very good if I'm looking to network with investors in my area, so i decided instead of me trying to find them let them find me!

With that in mind I created a Forum called...

JerseyRei.com - Northern NJ Investors Forum

I'll be advertising it on craigslist and through my meetup groups to try and attract some members. It only took me about 5 hours to put together so what ever I get out of it will be a bonus.

Pre Qual

Steph's comment on my last post reminded me that I did have a prequal letter from Coastal funding that i got back in October. I'm not sure how I forgot about this, but hopefully I can use it to make offers. Has anyone ran into problems making offers through a realtor with one of these?


I've been gotting absoultely NO response from my mailers over the last month. I've been sending out about 100 ever week. That's not a lot but I should be getting 1-3 calls per week but instead...NADA!

I've been following my 7 bucket strategy with repeat mailings and still nothing. Gets a bit frustrating shelling out money for postcards and not even getting tire kickers to call.

Next week my summer hours start at work and I'll be getting a half day on fridays so I'll be headed to the courthouse to try and dig up the Probate files. I've been looking forward to doing this for a few months now. Maybe that is the list that will give me the most response.

I'm never going to give up, so you guys don't have to worry about that. Something will work eventually!
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Goals for 5/11 to 5/17

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Review of last weeks goals

* DONE - Find owner of vacant house

I found out the the owner of the vacant house was the owner of a larger lot that included the house next to it. The house wasn't for sale but part of a future investment.

* FAILED - Get Prequalified so I can make offers

I attampted to get prequalified but was declined because of my debt to income ratio. I was attempting to get the prequal myself only, but the debt that my wife and I have together (house and cars) was counted against my salarie only and not my wife's and mine together. I'll have to try and requalify again using my wife as the coborrower.

* FAILED - Call Hard Money Lender

I didn't do this, I emailed a couple but have yet to hear back. This is an on going issue of mine. The issue of Phones and myself. I will be working on this in weeks to come in order to get more comfortable talking on the phone.

* DONE - Sign up for Realtor Pre-Licensing class

Did this early in the week and will start the class July 24th.

* FAILED - Finish Goals by Saturday

If all went smoothly I would have accomplished this but because I didn't call the hard money lender and get rejected for my prequal, I'll say I failed this.

Goals for this week...

  • Get Prequalified some how

  • Get Names and contact info for 2 builders in my area

  • Call owner of 120 Wilson Pl

...I'm knocking the number down to 3 so I can spend more time getting the Prequal.
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Night off????

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Last night I was sitting in my condo trying to think of something real estate related to do.....I came up with nothing! I was kind of mad at myself because there were 3 hours right in front of me just waiting to be taken advantage of. I looked at my weekly goals and the only thing I didn't have accomplished was calling a hard money lender. Well it was 8pm so a little late for that. I decided to look up a couple here...

Hard Money Lenders

...and sent off an email to one of them who lends in my area. Wow that took up 10 minutes of my time!!

It was just one of those frustrating, I have no idea what to do now, moments that I'm sure will hit me many more times. I just don't like that feeling of wasting time.

So I fiddled with my webpages a little bit and played with my dog.

But of course now that I'm writing this blog entry I think of the perfect way I could have spent that time...Looking over my short and long term goals. Well I'll keep that in mind for the next time I get lost in what to do.

Random Things

I bought the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

I just notified my mortgage broker to go ahead and send in the paper work for my personal refinance. Then I got this explanation (here) that changed my mind. The main reason is I didn't think about

  • The already lost money from my original loan's closing costs.
  • Restarting the term all over again.
  • Losing of 4000 in equity because we were rolling the closing costs into the new loan.

I also just didn't want to get stuck living in my current condo longer then I want to because I had to justify refinancing. That just seems ass-backwords. Am I off base in thinking this? ahh, I keep going back and forth. I've got the rate locked in so I'm just gonna take the weekend to think about it and discuss it. if anyone has any opinions drop me a comment please.

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Today is my day to try and get Pre-Qualified. I talked to the broker that is working with the realtor I just found and I actually got rejected for any kind of mortgage...haha. That is basically because I was trying to pull the mortgage myself (excluding my wife) and making 80k and 800 credit score just wasn't going to cut it with my current bills (even though those bills are shared with my wife). I didn't want them to run my wife's credit before talking to her about it, but the guy was confident we could get something done if I included her. As part of being a good husband I'm not going to make that decision without my better half's say.

As I sat in my cube, after talking with the broker, I got one of those DUUHHH moments. See, I'm currently getting my own mortgage refinanced so why not just ask that guy if I could get a Pre-Qual from him?? he already has all my financial info and my wifes, so no more credit checks. Is that going back on what I said in my last paragraph? I'm not sure.


I've gotten my iPhone3g and it's pretty cool so far. I'm going to have to get use to the size of it as it's bigger then my old blackberry pearl. Anyhow, I downloaded a twitter app and plan on tweeting when I do something or get an idea. This will serve as a reminder of what i want to write about in my blog and also give you guys a status on how my goals are going. So feel free to follow my tweets :)
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Blank Mind

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I didn't get much done yesterday. I got caught up watching the Yankees and playing with my dog. I knew I shouldn't have turned that TV on, it just saps the willpower right out from underneath you.

I did sign up for the training to get my Realtor License. It will start on July 21st and to through September 24th. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:45pm. I'm looking forward to it, but it reminds me a lot of summer school in college and I hated that! haha

I also worked out some of the kinks on the new format for my blog. I'm liking it for the most part now that I understand how I can manipulate the template a little bit. The new twitter feature is pretty cool, I just have to get into the twitter world. As you can see I've tried some but I can never be consistent. Maybe it will be easier when i get my new Iphone 3g today, I here there is a nice twitter app for it.

I always think of 100 things to talk about on my blog at night, but when I sit down to write something my mind goes blank...figures. I'll write another post when they pop into my head so stay tuned...
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Bloggy Award! - Almost Forgot

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The winner of the first ever Bloggy Award for



Was a close Vote.

7 - RealEstateBlackbook.com/blog
6 - Rei Tips
3 - FadiZeidan.com
2 - DavidAlexander.com/blog

The next Award will be for "Best Wholesaler Blog" Voting will begin tonight
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Productive Weekend

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I got alot of things done this past weekend. From my last post you can see I finished up all my goals for the week which is good. I finally called two For Rent signs. One I left a message to get back to me, I asked about the rent and size of the place. If the realtor calls me back I will ask if the owner is interested in selling the house or looking to buy more. The number for the other house got me to the voice mail of a lawyer?!? Does anyone know if that means anything significant or not?

Borded up House

I found this borded up house that I took down the address. I put a pen and sticky note pad in my car so I can write down anything I see. The sticky notes help as the paper doesn't slide around when I write with one hand. Anyhow I got home and tried to look up the address on the tax records and the house was not there???? how can that be? I think I'm going to go a leave a bright orange sign on the door or something. Anyone have any ideas as to how this isn't listed in the tax records?


I just got a call from the realtor about the "Buyers MLS" account they were setting up for me was ready. I will give it a good run through tonight and report back. Seems interested to say the least. The realtor actually has the service through a brokerage that they work with which I could probably get pre qualified by. Kill two birds with one stone.

New Look to my Blog

I got tired of my blog look so I found this template and wanted to try it out. I really like the top portion with the title and the picture. The width of the blog area might be a little to small though. If anyone has any comments or a feature doesn't work let me know.

Have a good Monday!
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A little Renovation...

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...on my blog. Just trying out a new template that seems pretty cool. What do you guys/gals think? I'm liking it so far!
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Goals for 5/4 to 5/10

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I did well this week with my goals. finished all 5 of them...

1) Get the numbers for 2 For Rent houses

This wasn't easy as I think I got the only 2 houses that are For Rent in my town. I now remember back a few months a did some research of the percent of rentals in some areas and Hanover came back at less then 1 percent. The couple for rents I've seen in the past seem to have disappeared.

Call 2 Landlords

I called the two numbers, both of them where Weichert listings. I got a voice mail and left a message on one and the other was some lawyers voice mail. I didn't leave a message, should I have?

Finish Reading "The 4 Hour Work Week"

Just finished this up tonight. Great book and it dealt with a lot of what I've been thinking about over the past 6 months. Ideas I picked up from this book are the 80/20 rule (i.e. 80% of the work is done in 20% of the time. This can be applied to everything in life pretty much). The idea is to not worry about the last 20% or eliminate that from your life, thus freeing up a lot of time! I agree with this. Another concept is automation and deligation. READ THE BOOK!

Get all the information for Pre-Licensing course

Did this early in the week and posted about it in a previous post so I won't rehash.

Ask 1 Realtor if i could use their MLS access

I did this but got denied. I asked an appraiser friend of mine, but he just didn't feel comfortable giving out his user name and password. I did however talk to a realtor this weekend who is setting me up with some sort of account for their own personal webpage that will give me access to some buyers site. I will get pretty much the full MLS. Not sure what it's all about just yet but I will report back.

Goals for this week

  • Sign up for the Realtor Course
  • Get Pre-qualified so I can make offers
  • Call Hard Money Lender
  • Find owner of a vacant house (I will post about this tomorrow)
  • Finish my goals by Saturday leaving Sunday to plan for the upcoming week

How do those sound??

Have a good week everyone, Monday's are the best!
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Driving around in my automobile

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In an attempt to find the "for rent" houses in my area, I drove around my neighborhood on my way home from work yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't find the houses that I thought were for rent, but I did see a couple of houses that were of some interest. It just hit me, that I should have taken a picture and posted it here. Anyhow, the house looks like it was going to be renovated but they only got as far as tearing off the roof and stripping down the rest of the house to just walls. Their is a big blue tarp covering the house as well. It had a Keller Williams For Sale sign in the front yard. I wrote down the number and I'm going to give them a call to see what is up.

Also I'm not sure if anyone remembers from a post back in the fall, but the house the was vacant (woman died and now the children own it) stills seems to be vacant. It's definitely in the probate process so If I can dig up the number of one of the children I had I'm gonna call them again and see how things are going :)

My Goals for this week are going ok. I've accomplished two of them

  • Asked a realtor for mls access, but got declined
  • Got the information for the Pre-Licensing realtor training
  • Got one For Rent number (need one more)
  • Have 120 pages left in the "4 hour work week". I'm a slow reader so it's going to be close!
  • Still need to call 2 Landlords - WHY DO I KEEP PUTTING THIS OFF??????

Craigslist Ads

I've been consistently getting responses from my ads. Probably 2 to 3 people every week. This week I've lined up a couple of Short Sale investors to throw leads at when I get some. Also was looking for a realtor who would submit my offers and got two good candidates that I will set up a meeting with. I also had a Hard Money lendor email me and tell me he has alot of clients who would be interested in deals. The more people you know the better!!

I've found that the simple ads work the best. One or two sentences. everytime I get to wordy I get no responses. Just food for thought to anyone reading this.

Goals Website

Biting off of what Steph is doing on her blog with Accountability Monday, I was thinking that it would be cool to have a website that strickly dealt with Goal setting and accountability. Who likes that idea?
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