It's really only wednesday?

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Man this week is taking forever! The only good thing is my wife is working 11am to 7pm instead of 3pm to 11pm, so I'll get to see here much more tonight and tomorrow.

I've gotten quite a few responses back from people I've emailed to off of craigslist. I think I've actually added 2 people to my buyers list. I know...I'm shocked too!! Time to start putting together a spreadsheet.

I've yet to send out my letters as I forgot one minor detail when I'm sending out my own mail....STAMPS! I'm gonna stop off on my way home and pick up a bunch.

I've also been getting back a heck of a lot of "Return to Sender" postcards. It's almost like 1/3 of them are being returned. This type of thing always makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Anyhow I just send these off to the guys at who can track down these leads. One came back as being vacant and it was in my town, so I'm going to go check it out this weekend.

Weekly Schedule Check
Yesterday I posted two ads on craigslist, one for buyers the other for sellers.

Sellers Ad
Are you having trouble selling your home for any of the following reasons...

- Owe more then you can sell it for?
- Needs a lot of work?
- Just don't want to deal with realtors?

You are not alone!

Contact me and I can help. No money needed, we will just talk.

Buyers Ad
Great Investor Property!

Located in very desirable Whippany. Lots of potential!

Great Schools, Low taxes and quiet street.

Send me an email for more information.

Lets see if I get any responses!
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1 Response to 'It's really only wednesday?'
  1. Craig Fuhr'> April 24, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    Keep it going! I used to send out thousands of postcards, and like most, I failed to:

    1. Take action with the owner's who responded.
    2. Did not properly follow-up on the hundreds of returned postcards.

    Lesson: ALWAYS follow-up with those who contact you. And MOST IMPORTANT, do not discard those returns.

    Think about it, how many investors do you think actually take the time to track down the owners of those "returned postcard" houses. The RETURNS are the GOLD! Find the owners and you will find more deals.

    Please keep us posted on the success of your Craigslist ads. Persistence is the key with these ads.

    Craig Fuhr
    My RE investing blog: